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The Adventure Bears ©

By Tracy Hayes aka Impey Bears

Well, what can I say? It started with just one bear, and now it has developed into an un'bear'able situation!

I have more bears than one woman can cope with.

They are bouncing around all over the place – playing tricks on me (and each other).

They are eating me out of house and home!

The time has come for them to move on and to have adventures with other folk.

If you are interested in adopting an Adventure Bear please email me for details at



Here is a Youtube film of some of the Adventure Bears...









There are photos and responses from adopters at the bottom of the page.

You can request your own Bespoke Adventure Bear - subject to the availability of fabric I can make a bear to your own particular requirements.


There is an Adoption Fee of £10 plus £2.80 postage (2nd Class). Please email to confirm availability before clicking 'Buy Now'. 

All profits (a minimum of £5 per bear) will be donated to a children's charity (at Christmas 2014 this was Save the Children)


However there are some things you should note:

Your Adventure Bear is designed to be played with outside.

  • It is made from cotton/cotton-mix fabric with polyester* stuffing.

  • There are no loose bits to fall off.

  • This means that your bear can get wet and muddy and then be washed!

  • So enjoy, have fun and go on lots of adventures outside.

I have provided you with the start of a story… it is up to you to continue it.

I would love to hear your stories – please email them to



"Emma loves her adventure bear thanks Tracy Hayes x"









"Rosie Ragwort wanted her picture taking in front of Potter Heigham bridge.

The wind then caught her and she swam for the first time, we had to save her.

She's such an adventurous Bear Tracy!"



'outdoor play with a friend to share it with, Red ted leads by example most of the

time, she is the first one in the water, encouraging the little people that put her

there to splash, the first one on the slide, getting covered in leaves and seeds,

all the natural things that grab the little ones attention when outdoors and when

we are wet, dirty and out of time, we reluctantly hang Red ted on the washing

line until next time....'



A thank you for presenting at a Conference from the session convener:

"I just wanted to send a personal note of thanks for your contribution to the session. A lot of people have told me it was among

their highlights of the whole conference :) It made me think that (like lots of people) I do lots of research about play, fun etc

but always force it into formulaic conference presentations... so we should be bolder about doing more fun, interesting stuff. 

Hope the adventure bears enjoyed it!"


"Adventure Bear has safely arrived. At the moment he is hiding under the table. I think he's a bit traumatised after being stuck in a box. There are lots of crumbs under the table…"


"It wasn’t a very good day for me yesterday… You could say that I had ‘the blues’. The arrival of A.B. turned my mood.

I felt more hopeful. But I didn’t really want to get him out of the box while I was at work. He didn’t seem to belong in that place.

So I left him wrapped up until home time. A.B. sat in the back seat (with seat belt, of course) while I drove to pick up my wife from

work, and then onwards to home. A.B. has been very well-behaved so far. No evidence of the mischief alleged in the accompanying book. I think he might have been a bit homesick at first, but he seemed to relax as we went on our first adventure together:

a little walk to have a look at a fabulous, weirdly-yellow sunset, which was replaced by a fabulous, weirdly-big moon.

In between, there was even a fabulous, weirdly-faint rainbow. More adventures are planned soon…We’ll keep you posted...."


"Thank you so much for the beautiful blue adventure bear… you made my day! I shall take my bear on an adventure from tomorrow."

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