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Research and publications

Samples of some of my research to date

More examples are available here

Book Editor


Hayes, T.A., Edlmann, T. and Brown, L. (2019) Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative (At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries).  Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Publishers. 

Peer Review Journals


Hayes, T., Walker, C., Parsons, K., Arya, D., Bowman, B., Germaine, C., Lock, R., Langford, S., Peacock, S. and Thew, H., 2022. In it together! Cultivating space for intergenerational dialogue, empathy and hope in a climate of uncertainty. Children's Geographies, pp.1-16.

Hayes, T.A.; Christie, M.; Leckie, K and Grimwood, S. (2022). Feeling Thankful: Therapeutic and Educational Benefits of Agriculture and Horticulture. Social Publishers Foundation.

Hayes, T.A. (2018) Dr Bear and the Adventure Bears, a response to Horton, J. (2017) ‘For the love of cuddly toys’, Viewpoint, Children’s


Hayes, T.A. (2016) Review of ‘Informal Education, Childhood and Youth: Geographies, Histories, Practices’ by Peter Kraftl and Sarah

Mills (Eds.) (2014). Children’s Geographies, 14 (3)

Peer reviewed book chapters

Hayes, T.A. (2021). ‘The practicalities of researching creatively’, in von Benzon, N.; Holton, M.; Wilkinson, C. and Wilkinson, S. Creative Methods for Human Geographers. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Hayes, T.A. (2020). ‘I thought… I saw… I heard…: the ethical and moral tensions of auto/biographically opportunistic research in public spaces’, in Barker, J. and Wainwright, E. (section eds) in Parsons, J. and Chappell, A. (eds) The Palgrave MacMillan Handbook of Auto/Biography. Palgrave MacMillan. 


Hayes, T.A. and Prince, H. (2019, in press) ‘Shared-story approaches in Outdoor Studies: the HEAR (Hermeneutics, Auto/Ethnography and Action Research) ‘listening’ methodological model’ in Humberstone, B. and Prince, H. (eds) Research Methods in Outdoor Studies. Routledge.

Hayes, T.A. (2019, in press) ‘Developing an academic identity: What’s the time Mrs Wolf?’, in Fenby-Hulse, K.; Bayley, J.; Heywood, E. and Walker, K. (eds) Research Impact and the Early Career Researcher (in press). Routledge - ‘Higher Education Studies’ Series.  


Hayes, T.A.; Prince, H. and Convery, I. (2019, in press). ‘Bear Illustrations in Children’s Literature’, in Nevin, O.; Convery, I.; Davis, P. and Kitchin, J. (eds). The Bear: A Cultural and Natural Heritage. Boydell & Brewer Ltd - ‘Heritage Matters’ Series.


Hayes, T.A. (2017) ‘Kindness: caring for self, others and nature - who cares and why?’, in Horton, J. and Pyer, M. (eds) Children, young people and care. London: Taylor Francis.


Hayes, T. (2016) ‘A playful approach to outdoor learning: Boggarts, Bears and Bunny Rabbits!’, in Horton, J. and Evans, B, (eds.) Play, Recreation, Health and Well Being, Vol.9 of Skelton, T. (ed.) Geographies of Children and Young People. Springer, Singapore.

MA research:

  • Health and Social Research Methods – focus group on attempts to measure health and well-being, using HADS (hospital anxiety and depression scale) form with adults in community-based settings. 

  • Research in to the reality of being a teenage mother in England in 2009. 

  • Dissertation – An exploration into the value of using a youth-work approach to environmental youth volunteering projects – involved questionnaires and individual interviews, and made use of a narrative approach. One of the most notable findings was of the concern that exists amongst environmentalists about the increasing disconnectivity that children and young people have from the natural environment.


University Certificate (Postgraduate Level) in Education for Sustainability: this involved research into the equality of opportunity for involvement of young people in environmental education activities by conducting a local survey (questionnaires) amongst colleagues, and reviewing a recent survey conducted by environmental staff at a partner organisation.

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