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What do I mean by a 'storied approach'? 


The term ‘shared-storied’ emphasises that the story is shared for a reason, I found meaning and felt the need to share, to reveal or communicate it to others in a way that encourages them to respond and perhaps provide a reciprocal story. An initial response to explaining this to a critical friend:


“I love your stories … such a good way to show how your research has gone into you, has got all squiggled up with your own life experiences and imagination, and has come back out again in a creative and exciting way ...

I love how your influences seem to come from such a broad range of places - a nice reminder that we shouldn't dismiss anything as being 'non academic', if it's something that has affected how we see the world and research. I'm trying to work out what these influences are for me - the ones that I've ignored because they don't seem academic enough, but which are important for me. Still thinking about this one!”

 (Pers. Comm. 8th July, 2015)


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